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WWF Caucasus
Wildlife and Nature Conservation

Providing English language communication support for WWF Caucasus and their Tbilisi, Georgia office. 

- Proofreading website text (www.wwfcaucasus.org)

- Writing articles for WWF International, print and online publications 

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Eco-Corridors Fund 
Conservation and Development Project

The Eco-Corridors Fund (ECF) is working to conserve biodiversity through the promotion of ecologically sustainable land and resource use in selected eco-corridors in the southern Caucasus region.

As a short term communications expert (2017-present), I support the ECF team by:

- Designing and managing the project webpage (www.ecf.org)
- Proofreading and copy editing English language reports, presentations and promotional material
- Writing articles for international conservation and development platforms (i.e. IUCN's Panorama platform)

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Balkan River Defence  
River Conservation NGO 

Grants, funding and communications manager for the Slovenian NGO, Balkan River Defence. 

- Grant and funding applications 
- Co-management of organization website - communication and design

- Co-management of social media accounts - Facebook (20, 488 followers) + Instagram (5,915 followers)

- Campaign and project communications 

Volunteer and team management 

- Communication strategizing and writing subtitles for short and long conservation and whitewater kayaking films


The Undamaged (2018)
Kayaking + Conservation Documentary 

A Leeway Collective and Vizualist film, The Undamaged is a 52-minute documentary that takes viewers on a wild ride through the Balkans following Balkan Rivers Tour as they fight to protect the last free-flowing rivers of Europe from a hydroelectric dam-building craze. 

- International film distribution, including film festivals 

- Website text 
- Applying film to festivals competitions

- Writing film subtitles, synopsis, biographies etc. 
- Managing all film related communication and correspondence for events and not-for-profit partner organizations 

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GOPA Worldwide Consultants
Short-Term Communication Expert

Working with GOPA on international projects in the Caucasus and Southeast Asia by supporting their communication initiatives. 

- Copy editing  and proofreading reports

- Writing articles for international conservation and development platforms

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German Sparkassenstiftung for International Cooperation 
Communication and Social Media Expert

Supporting online communication of various project objectives. 

- Writing website content 

- Basic website design using corporate parameters

- Writing web and news articles and news 
- Providing workshops and coaching for online and social media communication